It's hard to believe it, but Bugatti's 110th anniversary is here. That's right, the French automaker that's become a staple of luxurious lives has been around for 11 decades. To celebrate the occasion, the Bugatti Chiron Sport "110 ans Bugatti" (110 years Bugatti) has been created and unveiled.

In that model name, you'll notice that this is no ordinary Chiron and it is actually the newer Chiron Sport. While the engine remains the same in the Sport version when compared standard Chiron, its new mechanical underpinnings make it more capable on the track.

Making this specific Chiron Sport special is not only its name but its downright beautiful appearance. At first glance, it looks like the entire body of the special edition Bugatti is one color but it is in fact a two-tone design. In the rear is a matte Steel Blue paintwork, while the front is actually exposed carbon fiber in Steel Blue Carbon. Bugatti notes that this two-tone scheme is reminiscent of history models from the 1920's.

It's not just the paintwork that Bugatti paid attention to, either. They were even specific enough to pay special attention to the aluminum gas cap that had been sandblasted, hand-polished and adorned with “110 ans Bugatti” emblem. Each alloy wheel is finished in "Nocturne" mate black with bright blue brake calipers resting behind them. The final and most exquisite touch of the exterior has to be the French flag that's been painted on the underside of the rear wing.

A Bugatti wouldn't truly be a Bugatti without a lavish, yet sport cabin. For this special edition Chiron Sport, they went all out. Several areas of the interior sport the “110 ans Bugatti” markings to point out its special spot in Bugatti's history.

Carbon fiber is abundant, being found across the cabin on the steering wheel, steering column and seat trims. For the upholstery, Bugatti chose soft Deep Blue leather to continue the exterior's color scheme. There's also plenty of Alcantara to be found as trim on the seats, door trims, and sides.

Bugatti's 110th Anniversary couldn't have been celebrated in a more elegant and fitting manner.