On February 9, 1989, the Acura NS-X Concept was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. This model would be the precursor for the production NSX that we would eventually see. During the NS-X Concept's unveiling, Acura's R&D team was at the Suzuka Circuit testing the car. Joining them was the legendary race car driver known as Ayrton Senna. He noted that the car was "a little fragile." That led the team to put the test car through hell, Green Hell that is (Nurburgring Nordschleife) and came up with solutions to create a more rigid car.

Of course, the car would change its name from the NS-X to NSX. But where did that name come from? New. Sportscar. Unknown world. Okay, so that would make the name NSUW, but "X" is used as a mathematical symbol for a variable or unknown value... and it fits.

NS-X at 1989 Chicago Auto Show

After naming was finalized and the VTEC V6 engine was chosen as the powertrain, the NSX was set for production. Now, 30 years later we've through multiple generations of the NSX and Acura is celebrating the car's 30 years of existence.

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Acura NS-X Concept

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1993 Acura NSX

1995 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX