Houston, we are go for launch! This is the one we've been waiting for. If you assumed the first McLaren 600LT would arrive in South Florida or SoCal, you would be mistaken. The 1st US delivery of their latest Sports Series has arrived in Sealy, Texas. 

The first production car to have exhaust tips designed as flame-throwers is now in the custody of someone who can't resist the urge to squeeze more power out of it. Once its broken in, it will offer 592 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. While that is what McLaren claims, they always test their cars in the harshest of conditions. 

While we would like to tell you what John and his team have in-store for this machine, but that would spoil the fun. If you don't like the idea of modifying McLaren's latest cars, our dealers will be happy to find a new one for you. But if you want enough power to take on the world, stay tuned for updates from Hennessey Performance.