When Cadillac returned to building full-size sedans, we were happy to review something so unique. The CT6 is usually ordered as a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6. As a de-stroked version of the ATS-V's engine, it feels as peppy as a V8 with the safety of AWD. But electric cars are poised to encroach on traditional luxury car markets, so the CT6 is also available as a plug-in hybrid. 

By combining their 2.0-liter turbo four and an Electric Variable Transmission, it has 335 horsepower and 432 lb-ft of torque (with a fully charged battery). The 18.4 kWh battery offers 31 miles of electric cruising, operating independently up to 78 mph. Shift paddles control the regenerative braking, which saves on brake wear while charging simultaneously. 

Reviewed: 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum

Our test run on a closed road yielded 5.5 seconds to 60 mph. Not too bad for an eco-friendly car. The hybrid system is primarily aimed at city driving, as it only yields 29 mpg on the highway. A full charge takes 4.5 hours from a Level 2 station, meaning you could run on electric to and from work. Because it is an American car, you will have $7500 back on your taxes for the year. This loophole allows GM to have an MSRP of $75,695, but after dealer incentives and other promotions you can probably shave almost 10 grand off of this.

In times like these when premium is under $3, hybrids are a bit harder to sell. But the CT6 Hybrid faces a perception problem because it is built in Shanghai. China is hungry for hybrids because of their incredibly polluted urban areas. But the notion of a Chinese-built car could be a hard sell, even to GM's loyal customers. And because it is imported, the CT6 Hybrid lacks many of the features available on American-made versions. 

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You won't be able to enjoy the Bose Panaray surround-sound system, or All-Wheel-Drive. Rear-steering was also lost to make room for the battery. Lastly, the incredible 'Supercruise' autonomous driving system is not available. This one feature is a deal-breaker for me. Back in January we spent a week with a CT6 Platinum, and it literally drives itself. GM has invested a boatload of money into the system, and it is more capable than Tesla, Mercedes, or any other competitor. 

CT6 Hybrid does offer surround vision and autonomous braking, I would be willing to sacrifice a few carbon credits for the Bose system and Supercruise. The hybrid is just as quiet and composed as the V6, and it has a decent electric range. We suggest you drive both and see which one fits your lifestyle. Thank you to Cadillac for allowing us to review your products, you will see them here first on Autofluence.  

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