Don't believe everything you read. Big 2-Door coupes are not dead. When BMW began development of their latest coupe, it was done on the track then refined for the street. The time for waiting is over, now that BMW has unveiled the M850i xDrive First Edition.

If your deposit is not in you better hurry. That's because only 400 examples are being built. Each one will arrive in Frozen Barcelona Blue metallic with gloss black trim. Inside you are treated to two-tone leather in white and night blue. Piano black trim with a serial number plate will set it apart from lesser coupes.

BMW Individual Unveils M850i Night Sky Edition

Under the hood is their latest 4.4L V8. It offers 530 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque to all wheels! Our dealers have all the info along with great offers on the refreshed M5. Click the link below to get your deposit in and stay with us for all your BMW news.

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