The collaboration between Koenigsegg and NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) is one that every automotive enthusiast or collector should be looking at. In a recent interview by with Christian von Koenigsegg, we've now learned that this joint venture will result in a new "affordable" Koenigsegg model. Now, when I say affordable, I mean that it will be cheaper than most models in Koenigsegg's lineup. Think of it as an affordable car relative to the rest of Koenigsegg's lineup and not the rest of the automotive marketplace.

Christian told that NEVS will allow them to increase their vehicle output into the hundreds if they produce a supercar at a lower price point. What would this new model cost? He notes that it would be around €1 million (around $1.14 million USD). He also notes that this new model would be completely C02 neutral thanks to their freevalve technology. notes that this new Koenigsegg would be a 2020 model and that it would be unveiled "very soon." Excited? So are we.

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Source: - Image via Koenigsegg