It isn't easy to change the automotive world. That's what Christian von Koenigsegg told us in Monterey as we drooled over the One:1. Another Swedish automaker is NEVS, or New Electric Vehicle Sweden. Their goal is to build high-quality electric cars, so they turned to the expert. As the genius who uses electricy to make transmissions obsolete, Koenigsegg has announced a partnership with NEVS.

The deal was outlined in a press release last night. Koenigsegg's parent company has received 150 Million Euros ($171, 807,750) for a 20% minority. It would be mutually beneficial for any automaker to invest in Koenigsegg because their technology is a glimpse of the future.

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It will allow NEVS to access the solid-state electronics used in every Koenigsegg, and they mentioned a separate joint venture. NEVS spent an additional $150 Million dollars for 65%, with Christian owning 35%. It will allow them to reach markets that are ripe for electric cars, with assembly taking place at the former Saab factory in Trollhatten. The release also looks forward to the hypercar future thanks to their collaboration. If you are looking for a truly unique and powerful car, click the link below and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg news

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