Do you ever feel bad for people that drive boring cars? We don't either! So we're glad that our friends at AC Schnitzer unveiled their 700 horsepower BMW M5 Competition. It look snazzy at every angle thanks to their latest center-lock 21" wheels. A set of Gen 4 KW coil-overs gives it a 1" drop on the nose and 1/2" on the rear.

This stunner was not built for looks alone, it needs to be lower for a reason. The engineers at AC have unlocked 627 lb-ft of torque. When you consider it weighs only 4,090 lbs, it makes this AWD sedan able to run with supercars. The comprehensive upgrades include your choice of 3 exhaust systems and two flavors of front spoiler.

All parts are backed by a 5-year warranty, and they allow the M5 to lap the 'Ring in only 7:29.50! Of course you will need a new M5 to start with, so click here to find a new M5 for sale and stay with us for all your aftermarket news.

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