"War is a continuation of politics by other means" -Carl von Clausewitz. What the famed German tactician was implying is that war is inevitable. It appears that Porsche (and VW Group) are poised to shock the world of electric cars. In addition to the Federal tax credit, your Porsche Taycan will include 3 years of free charging.

 Electrify America is VW's network of high-voltage charging stations that are being opened around the nation. The press release says each location will have at least two 800 volt terminals. Having the ability to force-feed 350kW into your car will add 60 miles of range in 4 minutes.

Audi E-tron Has 400 Volt Charging

Their ambitious deadline is to have 484 locations online by July 1st, in addition to the HV chargers located at every Porsche dealer. This is also great news for the upcoming Audi E-tron, as it uses the same DC charging protocol. If the idea of an all-electric Porsche doesn't suit your lifestyle, our dealers have several 918 Spyders to choose from.

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