No matter where you stand on Climate Change, cars need to be capable of cold weather. For every scorching run across the desert, there is also a need to test in thin air. While Porsche has resurrected their winter sports, their corporate cousins showed up for some action. In an Instagram post, we can see a Bugatti Chiron attacking an Austrian Ice Race.

The Chiron has 10 radiators to keep cool. Being that it has 3 for just engine cooling, what happens when the grille is clogged with snow? Does the expensive engine oil become too thick? From the Air Conditioning to the intercoolers, each of these systems has its own minimum temperature.

In fact, your engine will rust internally if your daily commute isn't long enough. If your oil temperature stays below 212 degrees, moisture can cause major problems. Here's to Bugatti for bringing a machine gun to a knife fight. Click the link below for our dealer near you and stay with us for all your Bugatti news.

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