There are plenty of Ford Mustang purists in the world that would cry foul at the notion of their favorite pony car having an Italian engine. However, today we're talking about a Mustang with a twin-turbo Ferrari engine and that's pretty dang wild. The car I'm talking about is the Corruptt Mustang, which made its debut at SEMA 2018. 

Under the hood of this car is the Ferrari/Maserati F136 engine. This is a V8 engine that has been used in many models, like the California, 458 Speciale and F430. American Legends, the team behind the build,have not only installed this engine but have also equipped it with a pair of Nelson Racing T4 turbochargers. A safe number for the car's total output, according to American Legends, is around 750 hp. Match that power with its six-speed manual transmission and you have a recipe for a truly wicked drive. Check it out for yourself in the video below from 1320video.