We try not to dive into conspiracies here, but there have been several sightings of a black blur. Truckers heading west on Interstate 10 have been overtaken at triple-digit speeds. Some say it isn't real, but they all agree on the exhaust flames. Back in November, our friend John Hennessey took delivery of the first McLaren 600LT. So, What is Hennessey Performance doing to this McLaren 600LT?

Maybe he wants a new daily driver? Wrong! This beast makes 592 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. In the hands of his skilled engine builders, we could easily see 800. Not only was this the first 600LT in the US, it arrived with the latest version of the McLaren 3.8L V8. With all the advancements learned from the 12C until now, we bet it is capable of incredible boost. So tell us what you think this car will make, and stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance updates.

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