At first glance, you might be wondering what is special about a rusted 49 Mercury. My first instinct is to wonder how this car was built in LA without a chopped roof and wild paint. Post-war Mercurys were and are the foundation of Low Rider culture. Dayton wire wheels and hydraulics would be my preferred upgrades, but Icon has charted a new course.

Tesla Model S Avoids Accident by Going Really Fast

Jonathan Ward and his team could have swapped in a Chevy and done it like everyone else. But they chose a different mode of propulsion. What you see here is their latest Derelict. A car that has just the right wear and patina, with amazing power under the hood. The power is displayed in two high-voltage AC/DC inverters. Instead of gas, this Mercury has a Tesla Model S P85 battery. By dividing the battery into its smaller modules, Icon has kept an even weight bias and a very low center of gravity.
The transmission tunnel houses a pair of Synchronous AC motors with a total output of 400 hp. Working with Stealth EV, they placed a Tesla Supercharger connector under the gas cap, and a CHAdeMO port behind the license plate. This offers 200 miles of range and a full charge in 90 minutes. Cloth insulation on the HV wires is a vintage touch, and the digital gauges have a vintage appearance. Check it out at SEMA in Optima's booth and stay with us for all your Icon updates.

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