Pizza is loved by many across the world. The disc-shaped food has an uncanny ability to bring together people. Whether it be at a sporting event, during late-night crunch time at work, or even in the midst of a late-night downtown, pizza can mend the broken and heal the soul. It seems Toyota knows the power of pizza because they've created a robotic pizza truck called the Toyota PIE Pro. Based on the Toyota Tundra, this truck is a mobile pizza parlor that serves up Pizza Hut pizzas in just 6-7 minutes. It all starts with a robotic arm that pulls a pizza out of the fridge and places it on an oven conveyor. And don't worry, the arm DOES close the fridge door. It seems to know it's not refrigerating the whole planet. After getting the cheese all bubbly and delicious looking, a second robotic arm removes the pizza from the conveyor and places it on a cutting board. After three precise cuts, the pie is split into six slices. Yes, it even boxes it up. Boom. Pizza. Done.
What's more, this entire process is powered by Toyota's cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit. This power unit was adapted from the Toyota Mirai, the company's hydrogen fuel cell car.

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“As the flagship Toyota truck, the Tundra is a workhorse in the truest sense,” said Ed Laukes, Group Vice President - Toyota Division Marketing. “Its great strengths are its extreme capability and eminent versatility, and what better way to illustrate that than by turning it into something completely unique—a hydrogen fuel cell electric-powered, pizza-making robotic vehicle!”
You can see this car and other specialty Toyota creations at the Toyota display booth in Central Hall at SEMA 2018. Next, can we get a something that rolls up sushi and places it in my mouth while I drive?