Novitec's new Ferrari 812 Superfast is here and it's just right. The famous aftermarket company has upgraded the important features of the new Italian supercar, turning it into an even more refined vehicle. How's that even possible? Here's how.

It all starts with the exterior. Novitec has created new body components for the 812 Superfast that add function and flair. This includes the new front spoiler lip, rear spoiler lip, carbon fiber rear fascia, rocker panels, carbon air outlets on the hood, carbon side mirror caps, and more. Then there's the Novitec forged wheels that are 21-inches in the front and 22-inches in the rear.

Lowering the car was also on Novitec's list for the new 812 Superfast. The new sport springs lower the car by 1.37-inches. Novitec also offers a front lift system that raises the front by 1.57-inches when needed.

As for performance, Novitec's engineers are hard at work. Unfortunately, they haven't released any upgrades for the 812's 6.5-liter V12. They do, however, offer a "performance-optimizing" option that consists of a new high-performance exhaust system with 4.33-inch tailpipes. These systems can be finished in either polished or matte stainless steel.

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