When McLaren announced the Senna and its GTR version, we thought they were the ultimate expression of the 720S. But after a visit by one of their engineers, we learned that only a handful of parts are shared between the 720S and the Senna. If you like the idea of a track-focused car without the wild aerodynamics, something new is heading our way. The new McLaren 720S Track Pack is your ticket to a faster lap time.
Announced in a press release this morning, their engineers were able to cut 53 lbs from the curb weight. Using the same insights learned on the 570S Track Pack, the new 720S went on a diet with the help of McLaren Special Operations. Every optional bit of carbon fiber is now standard, including the racing bucket seats. Ambient engine lighting and the incredibly light 10-spoke wheels are also part of the kit. The only performance statistic given is 0-124 mph in 7.8 seconds, and that one detail is enough simply bonkers.
Also along for the ride is the sports exhaust and McLaren Track Telemetry. The first will shoot flames on everyone behind you, and the second will allow playback of your race to fine tune each apex. Ordering these options individually would approach $400,000, but the 720S Track Pack will arrive with a sticker price of $332,770. Click the link below to order yours and stay with us for all your Mclaren updates.

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