Can you believe the Audi R8 is now a teenager? What began as a limited production mid-engine V8 has evolved into one of their most potent and popular models. To keep it on the cutting edge, a press release this morning outlines a myriad of changes for next year. The 2019 Audi R8 will arrive with 50% of its parts shared with the LMS GT3 cars and 60% of the GT4 race car's components. The engine upgrades come from their cousins at Lamborghini, with the same V10 found in the Huracan LP610-4.
Audi R8-Manufactory at „Böllinger Höfe“, near the Neckarsulm production site: The Audi R8 Coupé in the checking and finishing area.
It is rated at 612 horsepower without any silly superchargers or turbos. A new dry-sump oil system has multiple scavenging sections along with an integrated oil cooler. It allows the engine to be mounted even lower than before, which translates to 1.5G of cornering grip. The increased power and acceleration are handled by an enhanced stability system. If you want the ultimate daily driver, it can respond quicker in dry, wet, and snow modes. It also shortens your stopping distance from 62 mph by 5 feet, and at 124 mph by a whopping 16.4 feet.
This is made possible by the optional carbon rotors, while steel rotors are standard equipment. Why can't all cars have this? Swapping rotors isn't hard, and I want the ability to choose! Of course, the exterior has been sculpted to display a meaner look, and it has come a long way since the unassuming first generation examples. You now have 3 exterior packages to choose from depending on how aggressive and how much carbon fiber you want to play with. The Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan are now virtually identical underneath, so choose the styling that suits your demeanor and stay with us for all your Audi updates!

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