If you happen to be in the Alps, get ready for "Fire on Ice". In a press release from Porsche, we've learned the details of this weekend's race. The winter has been quite cold in Zell am See, so Ferdinand Porsche is resurrecting one of his favorite events. The Porsche Ice Races have returned to Austria this weekend.

His Great Grandfather started the tradition in Switzerland in 1937, and it became the hottest event on ice. After the war, he found a better location in Austria. The scenic beauty of Zell am See was so impressive, the Porsche family built an estate overlooking the valley. The races were held here until a genius took an 8-ton Mercedes Unimog onto the ice. It sank to the bottom, destroying the track in the process.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche's Five Favorite Cars

This year the ice is very thick, so Dr. Porsche has invited his best drivers. Attacking the ice-covered airfield will be Hans Stuck, Richard Lietz, Mark Webber, and of course, Walter Röhrl. It will probably be the only place to feature a 911 GT2 RS up against a 356 Spyder.

The rear engine layout of the 911 offers grip in any situation, so the challenge is keeping oversteer in-check. The 718 Series and the AWD models have a nice advantage, so it should be fun for all. To learn how Porsches can handle any weather, click the link below to find a 911 near you and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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