Downstairs in our headquarters is Mr. duPont's model car collection. It's worth more than my house. Model cars can be found spread around the office, but instead of die-cast machines, LEGO seems to have taken over. Following on the success of their P1 and the 720S, the McLaren Senna by LEGO Speed Champions is a fast and affordable supercar.

McLaren outlined the details of their collaboration on their press site. The driver is a Minifig homage to the world's best driver, Ayrton Senna. Ayrton and his ride are finished in Victory Grey with orange highlights. You will have two sets of wheels, one for track and the other for street use. A total of 219 pieces includes a wind tunnel, removable windshield, and a massive rear spoiler.

For only $14.99, your new Senna is 50,000 times cheaper than the car it is based on. The base price of a 2019 McLaren senna is just under $1,000,000, without any options. The real car can withstand 1,763.7 lbs of downforce, but please don't subject this car to such abuse.

buy this kit: $14.99