Coming soon from Germany is the Porsche Taycan, an all-new electric model that's set to make waves in the luxury automotive market. To make the car happen, Porsche has had to make some big moves. For instance, the introduction of the new model has created 1,200 in Zuffenhausen at the main plant. “The Taycan is one of biggest creators of jobs in the history of Porsche,” emphasizes Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board responsible for HR and Social Affairs. Porsche does say, however, that all of these new employees will not be producing the Taycan. they note that their goal is to "create a team with a healthy mix of experienced sports car manufacturers and new staff." On top of the added workforce, the Porsche has stated that by 2022 they will invest over €6 billion in e-mobility. It looks like Porsche is going full steam ahead with electric cars and the Taycan is just the start.

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Source: Porsche AG