The legend of Elon Musk continues with the notion of a Tesla hover car that can fly. Nobody really asked him to consider making one, but with the way his brain works, he was probably planning to make a flying Tesla years ago.

This whole thing started after @Richie_Hill_ tweeted an animated gif of a hovering DeLorean. Musk replied with: "The new Roadster will actually do something like this". Wait... what?

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If you were expecting him to retract this statement or say it was a joke, you don't know Musk. He actually replied by saying it wasn't a joke and how it would work: "Will use SpaceX cold gas thruster system with ultra high pressure air in a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel in place of the 2 rear seats." What an absolute mad lad he is.

Tesla Model S Avoids Accident by Going Really Fast

How fast could a vehicle like this be? Musk says it would be able to "accelerate at the limit of human endurance". Well, I guess that puts an end to the acceleration debate in the automotive world. He even said a quarter-mile in less than eight seconds would be no problem... either vertically or horizontally. You can read the whole thread here.

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