If you need Performante Power along with rear-wheel steering, the new Lamborghini Huracan Evo Configurator is up & running. We broke the news about the latest Lambo on Monday, so follow along as we fall down the rabbit hole of colors and options.

We were greeted by 40 paint choices that are divided into solid, metallic, pearl, matte, and special metallic. What makes the special metallic worth the extra coin is thanks to the multiple layers of tinted clear and color sanded metallic. The car needs to be seen for miles, so we chose Rosso Bia.

While cast aluminum wheels are great on your daily driver, a car of this magnitude deserves forged center-locks. Two cast designs are offered as standard equipment, but the Narvi 20" in gloss black has Y-spokes. This design theme is also seen in the headlight LEDs and throughout the interior, so why not?

Next were the finer details of the body. We chose yellow brake calipers because the other 11 choices didn't seem right. Three exterior packages are available, ranging from high gloss black, body color, and full specs. The last one includes a rear diffuser and the matte finish engine cover, so it was a no-brainer.

Now its time for the interior, and I am thankful for leather. Alcantara is fun to say, but it isn't comfortable nor easy to clean. If I am buying a raging bull, I want to make sure the other cows know I mean business! That is why I chose inverted stitching on the red & black hides. Carbon Skin is the name for their new interior trim, and it is 28% lighter than Alcantara. We chose the complete package that covers the center console, door panels, upper dash, and the knee pads. Red piping on the floor mats and red stitching on the steering wheel were chosen from 16 thread colors.

Both seats are powered and heated, with dual lumbar adjustments on each side. We opted for embroidered headrests. The base model interior has black chrome for the door handles, shifter plate and switch guards, but Forged Composites look much better. The small forged composites package is simply the grab handles, air vents, and shift paddles. The Big Package adds the center console, switch guards and sill plates.

Lamborghini Unveils the 2020 Huracan Evo

Lastly, my Alcantara annoyance was eliminated by opting for leather A-pillars and headliner. We think Mr. Balboni would approve, so stay with us for his comments. The only final option is for the Sensonium. This 10-speaker audio system has 4 tweeters, 4 mids and 2 subs, which are completely not needed in a V10 supercar.

From there we move onto the unseen hardware. A 128-gig hard drive seems redundant since phones are already in the terabyte territory. Telemetry is crucial to better lap times and front axle lift...because Florida. A five year warranty and included maintenance offer peace of mind, so its worth the extra money. Ambient lighting is standard, hooray!

After this final step you are presented with a summary.

Huracan Evo Summary

Now you have a choice. You are presented with a six-letter code for your unique build. Choosing to share opens every social media network along with an email prompt. Brochure compiles the entire car as a PDF. Now it is time to get on the list. Using your Zip Code on our website will locate the closest Lamborghini dealer. You can email them your code, but it might also be wise to print the PDF.

Some of these options might have a price you don't agree with. That is the beauty of the configurator. This information arrives in Italy as soon as the handshake, and your car is transformed from binary code into a 640 horsepower asphalt assault weapon. Click the link below to browse Lamborghinis for sale and stay with us for all your Huracan updates.

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