Being part of a famous racing family has some nice benefits. For instance, Jarrett Andretti is the son of John Andretti and his great-uncle is none other than Mario Andretti. Clearly, he has some big shoes to fill. Jarrett has started to fill those shoes by winning numerous USAC Midget races and championships.
Now it's time to step into something a little more powerful.

Announced yesterday in a press release by his sponsor, Endurance Warranty Services has joined forces with Andretti Motorsports to enter the Pirelli GT4 America Series in a McLaren 570S GT4. Car # 18 was prepped and sold by our friends at McLaren Philadelphia, as they are the only authorized McLaren GT dealer this side of the Mississippi.

McLaren 570S GT4 & 570S Sprint Added to Lineup

The 570S GT4 does not merely resemble the production 570S. It uses a stock Monocell II chassis with wider fenders over massive mag wheels. It has an additional radiator to handle hot tracks, and the 7-speed transmission is sequential instead of dual-clutch.

Front wheels are 18 x 9 and rears are 18 x 11, with center-lock hubs. The aluminum subframes are the same used on production cars, and the engine is also un-altered. The turbos are able to spin up much faster thanks to open exhaust. The power-to-weight ratio is probably similar to the Midgets he is used to, but Jarrett will have to get used to Air Conditioning and incredible brakes. If you are interested, click the link below to find your McLaren and stay with us for all your motorsports news.

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P.S. - Please keep the Andretti family in your thoughts and prayers. John tweeted that his stage 4 colon cancer has returned. Surgery is scheduled near the end of January.