Last year McLaren Automotive made a bold statement. Their Track-22 business plan evolved into Track-25, which is a clear message to the automotive world. It represents the goal of introducing a myriad of new models by model-year 2025. The Speedtail is a long-awaited successor to the F1 and the P1, and this morning we have seen a glimpse of the next new car which just may be the new 600LT Spider.

McLaren 2018 Sales: Another Record Year!

In their latest press release, McLaren has teased a new Longtail. It will be formally unveiled next Wednesday (January 16th) at 8AM EST. The 5th McLaren to carry the Longtail name, it will be a track-focused supercar. It will surpass the 600LT, which has served the flagship of their "Sports Series". It has top-mounted exhaust tips that erupt into flamethrowers at wide open throttle.

McLaren 2018: A Year of Dominance

The press release mentions less weight and more power, so you might think it will be a new member of their Super Series. But after we scrutinized the video and the single image, it looks to be a 600LT Spider. We're certainly ok with that, because putting the top down on 591 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque will be exhilarating. If you can't wait a week for all the details, our dealers have several 600LT coupes in stock. Click the link below to find yours and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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