If you haven't seen inside the new Porsche 911, prepare to be amazed. The latest installment of Porsche Top 5 was uploaded to youtube earlier today, and it offers a stunning view inside the 992. Ivo Van Hulten is Porsche's Director of Interior Design, and here are his 5 favorite interior details.

Having the necessary information can make or break a victory. That is why the new 911 has a central tachometer flanked by configurable displays. A 10.9" touchscreen is easy to reach and navigate, and four buttons below it are a far cry from the previous generation.

To keep the controls close at hand, Ivo and his team offset the center console towards the driver. It rises from between the seats to meet the center vents, then it takes a sharp plunge into the firewall. The shapes are geometric, but their edges are smooth and rounded.

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This leads into #3, the 3D horizontal trim that makes the interior appear larger than it is. A ledge protruding from the dash is a blank canvas, and it will be home to open-pore wood, machined aluminum, and of course, carbon fiber.

Number two is the instrument cluster, which is almost completely digital. The tachometer refuses to relinquish the needle, and it is clearly seen even with the steering wheel at full lock. While it is an analog reading, the tach is purely digital.

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This leads us to #1. Mr. Van Hulten says the 992 series 911 has the perfect blend of digital and analog display. This can be seen in the Sport Chronometer, the shifter, and several other controls that offer haptic feedback. If you are interested, our local dealer can be found at https://dupontregistry.com or click the link below to find a 911 for sale near you. Stay with us for all your Porsche news!

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