A majority of Jay Leno's Garage is dedicated to automotive history. But he does have a feel for the future, and his latest upload is a warning shot to everyone in the electric car industry. The EQ brand is Mercedes-Benz entry into battery-powered cars. Their goal is to have 10 models on the road by 2022, and it all starts here.

The EQC, or Concept EQ is an AWD crossover with 400 horsepower. It has two 200 horsepower motors that power the front and rear axles. The battery pack is mounted below the axle centerline to offer incredible handling and stability. Currently, the prototype offers 220 miles of range, with a 30-mile reserve to help you find a charger.

Of course, it has a standard AC charging port for charging overnight. If you need a quick charge, the high-voltage DC circuit uses the CCS1 plug found on Chevy, Ford, and all European cars. The Japanese CHAdeMO connector might be heading into obscurity thanks to Tesla. Electrek.co is reporting that Elon is adding support for CCS1 and CCS2 across Europe. Elon probably shares Jay's sentiments, in that once Mercedes-Benz enters the market, the industry will follow. Stay with us for all your electric news and new uploads from Jay Leno's Garage.

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