It is time for a celebration in Atlanta. But instead of 400 cases of Coors, we suppose Porsche North America is having Hefeweizen und Strudel. That's because Porsche's 2018 sales figures point to another record-year for the automaker. Their latest press release shows model-year 2018 saw a 3.2% sales increase. A total of 57,202 deliveries marks nine years of growth. As the 7th consecutive year of improvement, they offer up sales of each model.

Leading the way is the Macan. This compact SUV is smaller than the Panamera, and if offers tremendous abilities at an affordable price. 23,500 examples make for 9.7% growth. In the second year of its new body style, 8,042 Panamera deliveries accounted for double-digit percentage growth. As the last year of the 991.2 chassis, the 911 family saw a 7.6% increase to 9,647. This was thanks to unprecedented sales of the GT2 and GT3 performance models.

The Porsche Macan was their best-selling model in 2018.

Full-size SUVs are the hottest industry segment, so December was dominated by the Cayenne. Introduction of the Cayenne S and Turbo. Buyers demanded 1,383 examples of Cayenne, a stark contrast to 940 from December 2017. Last but not least, Porsche Certified Pre-Owned sales saw a 20.7% jump to 23,046 deliveries. Our dealers need to make room for 2020 models, so click the link below for great incentives and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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ModelDecember SalesYear-To Date
ALL 9117897739,6478,970
ALL 7182373015,2765,087
ALL PANAMERA3324558,0426,731
ALL CAYENNE1,38394010,73313,203
ALL MACAN1,3451,44423,50421,429
GRAND TOTALS4,0863,91357,20255,420