Innovation is never an easy process. That is why Mercedes-AMG has been developing their latest hypercar in the virtual world. But simulations are no substitute where the rubber meets the road. Their goal has been to build a street-legal Formula 1 hybrid. In a press release this morning, we've learned the car and its drivetrain are being pushed to the limit at the toughest tracks in the world. Much like the SLS AMG, it is an opportunity for AMG to build a supercar without the supervision of their Mercedes overlords.
While camouflage is used to keep us from seeing the final shape, they mention how the screaming turbo V6 attracts attention from everyone in the vicinity. The 1.6-liter V6 and the hybrid drive have been flogged on the dynos at HPP in Brixworth. AMG's High-Performance Powertrain lab is where Aston Martin's V8 engines were developed, and it is also home to Mercedes' Formula 1 team. It will be rewarding to see their expertise in action, so stay with us for all your Project ONE updates. In the meantime, check out AMG's previous achievement, the SLS AMG in the link below.

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