This is the one you have been waiting for. BMW has spent a few years developing the 8 Series to make sure it surpasses everyone's expectations. Two distinct teams were brought together to show the world an astronomical new concept. BMW Individual along with the M Performance division joined forces for this breathtaking build.

The M850i Night Sky is a one-off example that captures the imagination. To show the public what BMW Individual can do, the 3D printed center console has illuminated constellations in lieu of traditional lighting. Inspiration from above can also be seen in the seat backrests, exterior trim, and even the brake calipers.

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It will be outside starting tonight in order to coincide with the year's first meteor shower. Today and tomorrow we will pass through the trail of Asteroid 2003 EH. The falling stars can also be seen in the center console. It has been machined of meteorites along with the door sills, starter button, and the shifter. They turned to the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics to make sure the materials were cut correctly.

Meteorites have a unique Widmanstätten grain when polished. The sparkles of rare elements like iridium form a crystalline pattern. A bath of acid and heat was used to give the iron crystals a look of wet ice. This attention to detail is available to all BMW Individuals, so click the link below to find a new 8-Series near you.

BMW 8 Series For Sale