A configurator is a great tool for dealers and customers alike. When McLaren uploaded the 600LT into their system, it gave the world a glimpse of the nearly endless customizations. To show off the power of this software, they allowed Bruno Senna and Chief Test Driver Kenny Brack built their versions of the latest model. Before you see their examples, take a look at ours in the link below.

How To Configure Your McLaren 600LT

Spending his days validating each model, Mr. Brack decided on bright Sicilian Yellow with a carbon black Alcantara interior. Of course, he needs the 6-point racing harness. It is the main component of the MSO Clubsport Pro Pack. Aimed at racers, it includes glossy carbon fiber for the roof, fender vents, and all optional carbon accessories. For a truly lightweight ride, the no-cost options of Sirius Radio, navigation, and Air Con were omitted.

Kenny Brack's 600LT

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Brand Ambassador Bruno Senna chose Burton Blue, a special-order paint from MSO. He also opted for the Clubsport Pack with full Alcantara. Orange accents on the headrests and seat belts. For a street-friendly build, it culminated in Air Conditioning and the Bower & Wilkins audio. The press release concluded with a mention that the 600LT will be a limited run. Starting in October, they will only be assembled between primary production of the Senna, Senna GTR, and the new Speedtail. Tell us how you would build your 600LT in the comments below and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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Bruno's 600LT

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