The sound of a Porsche 911 GT3 pushing its engine to its limits is quite glorious. Recognizing that this borderline race car can push out incredible exhaust notes, Porsche Design has designed something special. The 911 Soundbar that was designed after the 911 GT3's rear silencer and tailpipe cover. In fact, it uses the original pieces from the car. Each 911 Soundbar is finished by hand and it shows in its immaculate craftsmanship. Now, Porsche Design has introduced a new version of this exquisite piece of gear: the 911 Soundbar Black Edition. It comes with both matte black and shiny black elements that would make it a perfect centerpiece in any living room or garage. Fittingly enough, Porsche Design will be creating only 911 pieces of this soundbar.
As for the specifics, this soundbar has a Bluetooth interface, an analog input, two digital inputs and a subwoofer output. It packs 200 watts of power and a 2.1 Virtual Surround System. There's also bass and treble controls on the soundbar if you want to fine-tune its sound.

Preorder Now - $4,250