When it is not shut down, our federal government usually helps to spur innovation in the automotive world. That is why every new electric car has been sold with a $7,500 credit to your W2. This incentive has allowed Tesla to change the industry. In a press release earlier today, Tesla announced a drop in retail price that was also thanks to 245,250 vehicle deliveries in 2018.

The fine print from Capitol Hill limited the credits to a finite number of cars, which Tesla has met thanks to the success of their Model S. As reported by our friends at Electrek.co, new Tesla buyers will still have $3,750 in IRS dollars back on their returns. Since the rebate is cut in half, each Tesla model has dropped by $2,000.

Top Crashes of 2018

If you enjoyed the cheap gas over the Holidays you are not alone. The drop in crude oil prices has led to big SUVs finally killing the crossovers. Responding to their drop in revenue CNBC announced that OPEC has announced an agreement with their allies to throttle back production to raise the price of oil. If you need a daily driver that is unchained to this fragile market, Tesla's lower prices are more appealing than next year's tax returns. Click the link below to find a Tesla near you and stay with us for all your high-voltage news.

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