Dropping seven figures on a car should mean that you're getting a lot out of the purchase. For the McLaren Speedtail, McLaren is giving owners quite a bit. Not only will they be receiving the fastest McLaren ever, but also the chance to customize their car to the most minute details.

For the 106 Speedtail deposit holders, their journey to owning their new Hyper GT model has only just begun. It all started with a chunk of change, but will result in owning the wildest McLaren creation yet. Before they get their hands on it, they need to customize the car. While they will surely spend a long time configuring their Speedtail, McLaren has created three different collection that aim to help the customization process a bit simpler.

Each collection was curated by McLaren's Colour and Material design team. The idea was to create collections that have different vibes that would fit different customer personalities. It seems they were aiming for these three themes in the collections: sophisticateed, striking and sporty.

There's the Urbane collection that has a more "discerning and refined feel" with a sophisticated look. It features "calm" paint finishes and "cool" interior hues.

Next up is the Visionary collection. McLaren says this collection includes a purposeful look with both striking and opulent touches.

Then there's the Dynamic collection that revolves around one thing: sporty. McLaren created this one for those looking to be bold and make statements.

Expect the first McLaren Speedtail deliveries in early 2020.

"Whilst only 106 customer cars will be built, it is important that each one is unique, so this tailored collection is quite simply, like no other – as is the McLaren Speedtail itself.” - Jo Lewis, McLaren Automotive, Head of Colour and Material Design