It's been quite the year in celebrity real estate, from major sales to even bigger investments. Musicians, athletes and the estates of celebrities who have passed all participated in real estate transactions in 2018. There's been some upgrades, some down-sizing and even some drama this year. Here's the highlight reel of the biggest celebrity real estate news of 2018.

Remember Katy Perry and the nuns? She shelled out almost $15 million to purchase a former covenant and from there, things just got bizarre. An elderly nun felt that Perry was not the ideal candidate to sell the covenant to and led a crusade against her, which ended up in court. The proceedings took a turn with the 89-year-old nun's sudden passing after she collapsed in the courtroom. Then there was some legal drama about who actually owned the house and had the right to sell it.

A bidding war over the Brady Bunch house ensued when a celebrity and a television network, both with deep pockets, made offers on the estate. The home that's exterior was used in the filming of the television series hit the market for $1.88 million, a reasonable price for the nearly 2,500-square-foot ranch in Los Angeles. Former N*SYNC boy-bander Lance Bance and the home rehab network HGTV were among the top bidders on the property, which ultimately sold to the network for a whopping $3.5 million.

Some of the best stories from 2018 leave us hopeful for what's to come in celebrity real estate news in 2019. We'll keep bringing you the top stories well into the New Year!