The Pagani Raduno meetup has been around since 2004 and has grown in both size and stature in the world of automotive events. Everywhere this event goes, crowds follow to see the Pagani cars cruise along some of the most scenic roads. For 2018, California had the chance to experience the Pagani Raduno as it made its way from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to the events of Monterey Car Week. This drive took three days, but each day was packed with luxurious happenings, lavish dinners and, of course, some of the best roads California has to offer.

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Pagani Beverly Hills just had their grand opening and it couldn't have happened at a better time. The new dealership took part in the rally and they were able to take some amazing photos of the event. You can see and read about what happened each day of Pagani Raduno 2018.


Day 1

During the first day, each of the cars were detailed and stickered at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with the appropriate "Pagani Raduno" sticker packs. After the driver meetup, they made their way towards Pirelli P-Zero World in Los Angeles for brunch and a drivers meeting. From here, they drove to the incredible Petersen Automotive Museum for a tour and lunch from the Drago Italian restaurant located inside the museum. If you ever get a chance, be sure to visit this museum. You won't regret it. After another meeting, it was off to Santa Barbara. Along the way, they cruised through some scenic routes: Malibu, Pacific Coast Highway and canyons. The day ended at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. [soliloquy slug="pagani-raduno-the-drive-2018-in-monterey-california-1"]

Day 2

The second day of the event started off with a quick meeting and a drive through canyon roads that offer up technical turns and long straightaways. For lunch, they ate BBQ at Cuyama Buckhorn. Once the group was filled up, they headed back through the canyons and had a special dinner at the Four Seasons. [soliloquy slug="pagani-raduno-the-drive-2018-in-monterey-california-2"]

Day 3

For the final day of the drive, the group started off towards Monterey. Dolphin Bay provided lunch by the sea, a perfect location for a coastal drive. After lunch, they headed up the 1 Freeway and were greeted with beautiful ocean views, hills and exciting turns. When they made it in Monterey, the Paganis started venturing towards the Carmel Valley Ranch for the Pagani Raduno finish line reception. To celebrate their three previous days, the members of the group finished off the event with Ruinart chardonnay. [soliloquy slug="pagani-raduno-the-drive-2018-in-monterey-california-3"]