The latest raging bull from Sant'Agata is the 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. It combines the active aerodynamics of the Huracan Performante with the power of twelve cylinders. Using lessons learned on the Aventador SV, it allowed Lamborghini to return to the top of the list at the Nurburgring, beating the 911 Turbo S by 3 seconds.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Specs, Price, Photos & Details

Only 900 examples will be produced, and it is doubtful that any of them will be identical. That is because we tried out the new configurator, and the options will blow your mind. You are greeted by a landing page that has 5 inspirational examples. But we are the duPont REGISTRY so that should give you a clue.
Black and red are easy right? Not so fast! Lamborghini has no less than 49 finishes for your car's exterior. They are grouped by Solid, Metallic, Pearl Special Metallic, and Matte. We chose Rosso Bia from the Special Metallic because it has an extra clear coat for a mile-deep reflection.

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Center-lock wheels are part or the SVJ for two reasons. The first is weight savings compared to lug bolts. The second reason is to keep the aftermarket out of the running. The power and speeds produced by this car will shatter cast or 3-piece designs. Three designs of forged 20" front and 21" rear are offered, with several paint options. We chose the Dianthus Y-spokes because they allow for a perfect view of the massive brakes.
Our attention was then focused on the finer details of the engine compartment. Of course we wanted carbon fiber details, but then the suspension got involved. This might be the first time Lamborghini has offered different colors on their coil springs, and they are available in Black, Red, or Bright Green.

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From there it was a choice between 7 colors for the brake calipers, but all brakes should be red. The final exterior details included matte carbon fiber for the center caps, mirrors, rocker panels and rear aerodynamic parts. The SVJ graphics are also optional, but who would order one without? Now let's head inside.
Three interior packages are: Black, Black/Contrast Color, and Ad Personam. The latter is their most prestigious offering, and we chose Rosso Alala with cross-stitching. Your choices for the footwells are bare carbon fiber or anodized aluminum, the carbon fiber makes the car look unfinished, so we went with red aluminum. Illuminated sill plates and the carbon fiber interior package completed the process, but we didn't splurge for the premium audio. The Sensonum surround sound is nice, but our friends at JL Audio offer a superior product to any factory system. Tell us how you would build yours, and click the link below to find an Aventador near you.

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