Wait, stop planning on transforming your McLaren 720S into a race car. If you want to go racing, they have just released a GT3 version of the 720S. The engineers must have been delighted to take their 4.0L twin turbo V8 to its fullest potential. Without intake or exhaust restrictions it will be a fire-spitting monster. While the normal 720S reduces torque-by-gear to keep you safe on the street, the GT3 is tuned for maximum output.

Stealth Grey McLaren 600LT Heading to Pebble Beach

Onboard air-jacks and center-lock wheels will make for quick pit stops, and the rear differential is adjustable for weather and track conditions. In keeping with 2019 GT3 specs, the carbon fiber seat is ready for your HANS device, and the traction control system is within easy reach.  The McLaren MonoCageII one-piece cockpit is shared with the street version of the 720S, but the doors and hood are much thinner to save weight.
Several prototypes were tested by their tire supplier, with Pirelli recording over 18,500 miles in several 36-hour endurance runs. They are legal to race in several FIA classes, but they are not street-legal in any sense. If you're interested, they come with a £440,000 price tag, which is about $565,000 USD. To see if you can handle it, click the link below to find a 720S near you, and stay with us for all your McLaren updates.

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