Teaser shots are cruel. It might seem illogical to make us wait until the formal unveiling, but Lamborghini knows how to get our imaginations revving. In their latest Instagram upload, we get up close & personal with the upcoming Aventador SVJ. It will arrive with the 2nd generation of their active aerodynamic system (ALA 2.0). What we see here could be extractor vents from the inner fenders or the cooling system.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Teased in Bright Green

Near the bottom of the frame is the intake for the hollow rear spoiler. Moving the air from high to low pressure will keep the slipstream close to the car. This gets deep into laminar flow theory, and it is not unlike the heat reduction ports on the F-117 Stealth Fighter. While the famous night fighter was invisible to infrared, the Aventador SVJ will be the hottest car on the market in just a few weeks. Every part of a modern Lamborghini has style and functionality. Compared to the Miura's eyelashes and the periscope on the early Countach and it is safe to say they have come a long way. Stay with us for complete coverage of the Aventador SVJ from Monterey later this week.

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