It has rained almost every day over the past two months. Summer in Florida means 5 minutes of monsoon weather followed by 100% humidity. But the skies were clear on Saturday, so our lots were packed by 7 am. Both of the local Corvette and Camaro clubs arrived before sunrise, along with our stalwart fans who never miss this show. The real treat was in meeting first-timers. Car lovers who had no idea we put on the biggest monthly car show in the Southeast. Every one of them asked us what time to arrive, and it has moved back our start time by almost an hour. Normal exotics were in seen in big numbers, and the quantity of customized Lamborghinis and Porsches blew us away.
An Army Airborne veteran opened the hood on his yellow Stingray to show a gorgeous painting. The mural showcases Paratrooper history from WWII to Enduring Freedom. Across from him was a numbers-matching 1964 Impala that will soon get a makeover.
Another high-profile machine was the off-road Dodge Charger from Furious 7. Built by Dennis McCarthy, it is an example of his work that can be seen across 5 of the Fast & Furious films. If your collection needs a movie star, click here for all the details. [soliloquy id="136177"] Our dealers lined up on both sides of our south lot, and we are always indebted to them for never missing a show. Next to a vintage Pinellas County Dodge Diplomat were: Reeves Import Motorcars, Crown Eurocars, Bert Smith, McLaren of Tampa Bay, and Ferrari of Tampa Bay. Their latest arrival is a new Portofino, and it was stunning to see in the morning light,
2019 Ferrari Portofino from Ferrari of Tampa Bay
T & T Coffee Roasters was here with their latest blends, and we couldn't do it without them. Our volunteers and fans that help out really make this event worthwhile, so our hats are off to you.

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By Evin Planto

Inside our showroom, attendees could get up close and personal with a 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series and a dark gray LaFerrari. Under the spotlights was Pollie, Mr. duPont's flawless Porsche 356A Speedster. [soliloquy id="136189"] Moke America sent two new examples for visitors to see, and our team at BLVD customs had a packed house of guests viewing the progress of each build. We apologize for having to turn away so many great cars, including a purple GT3 RS and a few mean Pro-Street cars. If you want to start your weekend in an epic way, be sure to join us next month for another great show.