We're glad that full-size SUV's are hot again. Crossovers are cheesy excuses for minivans, and they handle like shopping carts. The Chevrolet Suburban turns 84 this year, so it's about time for a few nice upgrades. In a press release yesterday, Chevy outlined the new Premium Plus editions of the Suburban and its smaller sibling. Last year, the Tahoe RST was introduced and it was a hot seller.

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The notion of borrowing the Camaro SS drivetrain is music to our ears. The Premium Plus models will arrive with 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, along with the 10-speed automatic. It is a little more potent than the 1935 Suburban, which had a 3.4 liter straight six and a 3-speed manual. But they both have the same target audience. This is a bold move that places both models closer to the Escalade and its Tahoe-sized ESV model.

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All Premier Plus models will arrive with black/mahogany leather interior and magnetic ride control suspension. Polished 22" wheels and chrome badges will set them apart from lesser models. The Tahoe will start at $74,100 and big brother will be $76,900. Costco members will receive a $4,500 incentive that includes a $300 Costco card. Having this much power, please be careful when shopping. Going hammer down will shatter eggs and flatten bread. Costco still doesn't have grocery bags, so Chevy has made the cargo organizer standard equipment.  Click the link below to find our dealer near you and stay with us for all your Chevy news.

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