Usually, a concept car is built with the intention of inspiring a production model. Infiniti likes to do things a bit differently, and they give their artists free reign to build works of art. In a recent press release, we've learned that Concept 9 will make its debut at Pebble Beach.

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A deadline has been set by the brand. They are fully committed to introducing several electric models by 2021. To show just how fun an electric roadster can be, this retro ride is inspired by their Prototype 9 e-roadster. 
These teaser shots also show glimpses of the Q Inspiration, another stunning concept in their lineup.
This build was a collaboration between teams in Japan, England, and the US, and we'll have live coverage on our Facebook page next Thursday. So stay with us for all your Infiniti updates and concept car news.

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Prototype 9 (2017)