Barn find cars are some of the greatest things I can come across in my search for news. Seriously, there's nothing like seeing an exotic or classic car being rediscovered after years of being ignored. It's most certainly sad that these cars are ignored, but sometimes they're left alone for so long that they're like windows into the past. For one Reddit user, u/eriegin, she ended up finding a 1981 Lamborghini Countach in her grandma's garage.

Sell My Lamborghini Countach: Get a Cash Offer

According to one of her comments, her late grandfather had an exotic car rental business in 1989. Unfortunately, costs became too high for him to operate the company but he at least kept a Countach and Ferrari 308. The classic Italian exotic car had been resting in the "leaky" garage for over 20 years, allowing dust and rust to cover it. It sure is sad, but I'm glad that he's finding joy in the long forgotten car.

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The Reddit user also notes that she's looking to get rid of the 308 and Countach in the near future, but they're "not officially for sale, per se."

Lamborghini Countach For Sale