High-performance supercars and electric propulsion are two terms that are generally considered mutually exclusive when describing sports cars. Cars like the Porsche, Ferrari and Ford GT conjure up images of impressive horsepower and top speeds in excess of 175 mph. The Genovation GXE was designed first and foremost to change perceptions regarding the product essentials required to be considered a high-performance vehicle: Eight, ten or twelve cylinders – Check; turbocharging – Check; a “here I come” exhaust note – Check; rear weight bias – Check. The GXE surprises precisely because it does not meet any of the norms closely associated with the competition.
A dual stack electric motor which is hand assembled and balanced coupled with Formula 1 inverter technology provides industry-leading power and performance. The result is the GXE delivers more than 800 hp and over 700 lb-ft of torque. It’s the world’s first street-legal electric car expected to exceed 220 mph, with a zero-to-sixty time of under 3 seconds. What often comes to mind when the subject of electric cars is discussed are the batteries. The GXE batteries are liquid cooled which allows for a prolonged performance driving experience. The batteries are automatically heated or cooled to maintain optimum operating temperature. All are strategically located in five independent packs with automatic circuit breaker isolation. Not only does this design ensure performance and safety, it also distributes the weigh at a nearly 50-50 front to rear bias which further contributes to the GXE’s phenomenal handling. This all adds up to a cruising range of 175 miles. To keep all this power where you need it, the GXE’s aerodynamic enhancements include an MIT wind tunnel tested active rear wing that refined the downforce-to-drag ratio. Also, front and rear diffusers were added to better manage airflow and to further enhance handling and stability. The bespoke technical nature of the GXE extends to the customer’s choice of interiors and a tri-coat exterior paint color uniquely selected by the owner. The conversion starts at $750,000 which doesn’t include your Corvette C7 donor car. Each bespoke build will take about 3 months to complete.

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