We were surprised when Nissan announced pricing for the 2019 GT-R would not increase. And now we know why. What was first seen at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed is the ultimate example of Nissan's supercar. Working with the skilled coachbuilders at Italdesign, they have transfromed Godzilla into a work of art. 

It represents the 50th anniversary of the GT-R for model year 2019, and a half-century of styling success by Italdesign. As such, only 50 examples will be produced. The Nissan press release this morning mentions a starting price of 990,000 Euros, or only $1,126,478. For that amount, you will receive a 720 horsepower 2-seater built to your specifications. Kudos to Nissan for keeping the GT-R on the cutting edge, so click the link below for great offers from our dealers. 

Nissan GT-R For Sale