At first glance you know this is a Koenigsegg. The wild styling of the Regera is unmistakable. What's different is the finish. Visible carbon fiber can be found on everything from Subaru to Chevrolet, but it is always covered in layers of protective clear coat. Christian and his team have done it again by raising the bar for composite materials. 

This is the first car to be built in KNC. Koenigsegg Naked Carbon was first seen in a press release last night, and it is simply gorgeous. Of course this isn't a vinyl wrap or a single layer of carbon overlay. It is a painstaking process of removing the outer layer of resin. Each panel is wet-sanded by hand almost down to the woven structure. Needless to say, the time it takes to sand each part is much more than glossy carbon or a painted finish.

They have been perfecting this process on wheels, spoiler and smaller pieces for years. You might think this would leave the weave exposed to UV damage, but the factory has left samples outside in Sweden for a few years without any adverse effects. Your Regera can now be ordered fully painted, paint with glossy carbon, all gloss carbon, or Koenigsegg Naked Carbon. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Pagani responds to this one, so stay with us for all your Koenigsegg updates. 

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All images by Keno Zache Photography, for Carage