If oxygen gets in your way when racing, why not race above the clouds? June 24th marks the annual Pike's Peak Hillclimb, and Volkswagen is returning to Colorado Springs. From 1985 to '87, they sent a wild twin-engine Golf up the mountain to show the world what they are capable of. Now, with the eyes of the world looking on they will show us the future of battery-powered competition. The twin-engine design has been replicated, and the VW I.D. R Pike's Peak is aiming to break the electric car record. The fastest battery-powered car to reach the 14,115-foot summit did it in only 8.57.118. VW says their new machine has 680 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque from the combined output of both electric motors.

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The real shocker is that 20% of the energy required to reach the top will be recovered from braking. Like most other electric cars, the brake pedal turns the motors into generators, sending voltage back into the batteries. If they make it happen, it will put other manufacturers on notice that VW has fully committed to building the world's most efficient electric car. If you need something more down to earth, click the link below to check out Volkswagens in your area.

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