A few days ago we learned that Porsche's Mission E Cross-Turismo concept can be charged in 15 minutes. This shocking news has also been echoed by their cousins at Audi in a press release this morning. What VW's luxury brands are doing is poking fun at the "current" state of electric car charging standards.

Porsche Mission E Fully Electric Concept Unveiled

The photo alone is ironic, as the Audi e-tron is mentioned to be inside a Faraday cage. It is not the cage that does any work, it is the objects behind them. Audi calls them "Impulse Voltage Generator". Everyone else in the world calls them Tesla coils. No, not the hair band, Nikola Tesla invented AC current and someone also named a car company after him. Porsche and Audi want us to know that cars can be charged quickly. They want the world to embrace high-voltage DC power. Your normal wall charger can push 11 kW into a car. If you have an electrician wire another dryer plug, 240 volts yields 22 kW of charging. Audi envisions 150 kW charging, which Porsche hinted at when the 918 Spyder was introduced.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: Charge Time Revealed

Germans are brutally efficient, which is why their home electrical systems have 230 volts while we have 120 volts. Tesla chose 110 volts for safety, if you are in good health it will just make you mad. I personally don't want to be in or near any car being force-fed 150 kW (at 400 volts)...Have you seen "The Green Mile"? The reason the photo was taken at Siemens electric, is because the world will need to buy a boatload of Siemens HV products to support a few minutes of additional charging. The press release supports AC or DC charging equally, so we forwarded this to AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson for clarification. The only musical analogy they need to understand is "Ride The Lightning", due to the deadly implications of high voltage DC systems. VW Group would like to see Tesla on death row, but DC should be left to power companies, heavy metal, and prisons. Porsche is working on installing 800-volt charging stations at all 189 US dealers as the Mission E gets closer to launch, so stay with us to see how the industry responds.

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