If you have ever wanted to harness 1,000 horsepower, Hennesey Performance can make it happen. The Dodge SRT Challenger Demon is capable of 840 horsepower on race fuel, thanks to a 2.7L supercharger. When it comes to blowers, bigger is always better. That is why the team at HPE worked with Whipple to build the ultimate 4.5L belt-driven intake manifold.

2018 Dodge Demon Specs, Photos, Price, & Review

The HPE 1000 is actually the lower kit offered for the Demon. If you need more, the HPE1200 will offer 8 second quarter mile times given the right conditions. Using the conservative 1000 horsepower package, John Hennesey cut a 9.14 @ 152 mph. In a car that can sit in traffic with the A/C on all day. Strapped to a dyno, it offers 880 horsepower and 806 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.
The package includes a new fuel system, stainless steel exhaust, 200 miles of road testing and a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty. A high-bypass boost control valve allows power to come on in a linear fashion. This saves your transmission and axles from overloading at launch. To see it in action, they uploaded this video to YouTube last night. Click the link below to learn more and stay with us for all your Hennessey updates.

Hennessey Performance Challenger Upgrades