Brabham racing cars have been around for decades now, but for the first time, they're creating their very own supercar. Called the Brabham BT62, this new supercar is the race company's first road-going supercar. Being built under the company Brabham Automotive, it will be officially unveiled in its entirety on May 2. That doesn't mean they haven't released the specs, because they most certainly have.

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The BT62 will weigh in at just 2,143 pounds, making it an incredibly light car and more than likely not filled with luxuries and amenities you'd find in a Mercedes-AMG S-Class. That being said, Brabham isn't making a car focused on luxury: they're making a car that was inspired by racing heritage. Speaking of racing, the naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V8 will pump out 720 horsepower, which will be enough power to make this a blast on the track. Just look at that power-to-weight ratio! Additionally, the BT62 will corner with ease thanks to its downforce of 2,645 pounds. Interested? The car will be selling for around $1.4 million and Brabham Automotive is planning on only building 70 examples. So, act fast!