In the Appalachian foothills of South Carolina, BMW USA is building the third generation of their X3. This popular crossover has been a runaway success, being exported from the US to dealers around the world. Sure, the aftermarket for the X3 is popular, but if you want more power instead of the usual cosmetics, AC Schnitzer has a comprehensive group of upgrades for the new G01 chassis X3. [soliloquy id="130190"] A popular version around the world is the X3 diesel, and they have intake an exhaust upgrades for a crowd that is normally overlooked. Gas-powered models are treated to performance upgrades along with a slew of appearance parts. Forged lightweight wheels are offered in 19" to 21", even with the lowering spring kit. Visual upgrades include rocker panels, exhaust, and new fascias front and rear. Of course, you will need a new BMW X3 to begin with, so click the link below to find yours. Stay with us for more great hardware from AC Schnitzer

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